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Start your career in PFM and Taxation with CTP-CPFA Canada today, because our fully qualified members are among the world’s best highly trained professionals that are rigorously regulated throughout their career. We have a mission to be a global leader in Public Finance Management, Taxation, and Accountancy and we use our voice to shape and strengthen our profession so that we can make our society fairer and more transparent in the future.


From Music to Hockey, a qualified chartered tax practitioner and a certified public finance management accountant is essential in all industries and our CTP, CPFA certification with dual designation can lead to a wealth of opportunity in almost any sector across the globe. It is because of our worldwide reputation and professional excellence that the CTP, CPFA qualification has become your passport to work around the globe in this Age of Automation and global economic crisis due to  the COVID-19 outbreak impact.

CTP, CPFA dual professional designation is a globally respected professional qualification, with many years of professional research and expertise in leading professional accounting body students and members in taxation, public finance management, and accountancy. The professional qualification is strictly based on international accounting standards, so employers around the globe know very well that the CTP, CPFA qualification indicates innovation and strategic forward-thinking professional excellence for 21 century and beyond.

The CTP, CPFA professional qualification can open many doors to great breathtaking dynamic careers with amazing salaries and benefits packages worldwide. There are so many roles and executive positions you could go into because nothing is out of reach for CTP, CPFA members in this digital age.


If you’re looking to build a dynamic career in Public Finance Management, Taxation, and Accountancy and you possess the financial expertise and leadership skills that organizations need to be successful in a diverse range of executive roles in this Age of Automation, then CTP, CPFA Professional Qualification Program is definitely for you. You can prefer to complete the program in your own timeline and with the extent of support, you would like with our flexible study options because together, we will create the worlds’ most innovative, strategic forward-thinking professionals that our fast-changing world needs for the success and economic prosperity of our country in this economic crisis around the globe during the COVID-19 outbreak impact.


Globally recognized, the CTP, CPFA Professional Certification Program ensures you will be well equipped to tackle any of the challenging taxation, public finance or business situations faced in today’s global marketplace. Our staff will do their best to ensure that you promptly get the information and assistance that you require for the professional advancement in your life by providing you with more than a technical accounting skill because the CTP, CPFA Professional Qualification Program goes beyond the numbers, teaching the skills to help you reach the next level in leadership, strategy, and business industry.


If you’re Integrating education and experience, our program uses contemporary and global relevant material to provide you with an understanding of dynamic and economic issues facing organizations today. If you have studied public finance, tax and accounting-related degree, you will likely go straight into the CTP, CPFA Professional Qualification Program.

In this Age of Automation, the organizations recruit the most rewarding, promising, focused, talented individuals that can bring their motivation and high level of training to their organization. Whether you are looking for a full-time program or a more intensive experience to acquire the CTP, CPFA dual designation faster, this is the ideal program for you. Therefore, Invest in your future workforce by developing potential leaders for your organization. Be on the list of employers highly sought after by the next generation of CTP, CPFA's.


The CTP-CPFA Joint Program create new and unexpected possibilities by providing opportunities for our students, members or employees around the globe where our Professional Qualification Program enables students to become a member of the Chartered Tax Practitioner and Certified Public Finance Accountants of Canada in two years provided they have undertaken relevant professional work experience after completion of post-secondary prerequisites and a four-year undergraduate degree upon entry, and leads to a rigorous post-graduate credential with dual-designation in PFM and Taxation, and candidates who successfully complete these programs will receive two prestigious qualifications with dual designations (CTP, CPFA) from the CTP-CPFA Canada.


The right to designate CTPs and CPFAs are exclusively held by the Chartered Tax Practitioner of Canada (CTP) and Certified Public Finance Accountants of Canada (CPFA) by virtue of its Federal Charter, awarded by the Federal Government of Canada in 2016, and the members of CTP-CPFA Canada are entitled to style themselves as Chartered Tax Practitioner and Certified Public Finance Accountants of Canada, and use dual designatory letters CTP and CPFA in Public Finance Management and Taxation. The CTP-CPFA Board is responsible for standards-setting, accreditation and the continuing professional development of CTPs and CPFAs in Canada.


To see the name of our recognized institution in the list of chartered certified institutions, please visit the following link: Search Results for Certified Institutions - (

CTP-CPFA Canada Become A Professional Accountant
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