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The Chartered Tax Practitioners and Certified Public Finance Accountants of Canada (CTP-CPFA Canada) stands as the prestigious professional accountancy body, offering highly sought-after qualifications to individuals worldwide who aspire to excel in the fields of taxation, public finance management, and accountancy. Our organization is deeply respected as a prominent voice within the business, government, education, and non-profit sectors.

We are proud to announce that the Institute of Chartered Tax Practitioners and Certified Public Finance Accountants of Canada holds a significant distinction. As a registered organization under the Federal Charter of Canada Not-for-Profit Corporations Act since November 11, 2016, we are fully approved by the Ministry of Employment, Workforce Development, and Labour, under subparagraph 118.5(1)(a)(ii) of the Income Tax Act as a "Professional Educational Institution" for offering occupational training programs at postgraduate level in Canada.

We take great pride in this achievement, as it affirms our commitment to providing high-quality education and training opportunities in the fields of taxation, public finance management, and accountancy. As a "Professional Educational Institution," we uphold rigorous standards and deliver comprehensive programs that equip our members with the knowledge, skills, and expertise required for success in their respective fields.


CTP-CPFA Canada has attained a coveted status among the Chartered Certified Canadian Institutions. This notable recognition exemplifies our unwavering commitment to academic excellence and serves as a testament to the quality of education we provide. To see the name of our esteemed institution in the distinguished list of Certified Canadian Institutions, please access the following link: Search Results for Certified Institutions - (

This certification not only validates our dedication to maintaining high standards but also assures you of the exceptional educational experience we strive to provide.  We take immense pride in being recognized as a Chartered Certified Canadian Institution, and this achievement reinforces our commitment to fostering a supportive learning environment that empowers students to thrive and achieve their academic aspirations.

The Institute of Chartered Tax Practitioners and Certified Public Finance Accountants of Canada (CTP-CPFA Canada) is one of the two most recognized chartered professional accountancy bodies in Canadian legislation, alongside the Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada (CPA Canada). The CTP-CPFA has contributed significantly to the development of Canadian accounting standards and is your source for the most up-to-date Canadian tax news and comprehensive updates on evolving tax laws since its inception in 2016. 


At our esteemed platform, we are dedicated to providing you with accurate and timely information, working hand in hand with the esteemed Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) to address your pressing tax inquiries and deliver crucial tax updates.


In an ever-changing tax landscape, staying informed is paramount. Our collaborative efforts with the Canada Revenue Agency enable us to provide you with the clarity and guidance you need to navigate the intricacies of the tax system effectively. By harnessing our expertise and close partnership with the CRA, we ensure that you receive the most accurate and relevant information on tax-related matters.


Whether you are an individual taxpayer, a business owner, or a tax professional, our platform serves as your reliable and trustworthy source for the latest developments in Canadian tax law. From significant legislative changes to noteworthy case studies and insightful analysis, we strive to equip you with the knowledge necessary to make informed decisions and optimize your tax planning strategies.


Our commitment to excellence extends beyond the mere provision of information. We understand that tax matters can be complex and daunting, which is why we are dedicated to offering clarity and simplifying intricate tax concepts. Through our comprehensive articles, expert opinions, and frequently asked questions, we aim to demystify the tax landscape, enabling you to navigate it confidently.


We value your trust and understand the importance of accuracy when it comes to tax-related information. Our team of seasoned tax professionals and subject matter experts meticulously curate and verify the content we deliver to ensure its reliability and relevance. By upholding the highest standards of integrity and professionalism, we strive to be your go-to resource for all your tax-related needs

The Institute of CTP-CPFA Canada is one of the country’s leading Professional Accountancy Bodies for practitioners dealing with all aspects of PFM and Taxation worldwide, and our primary purpose is to promote education in PFM and Taxation by accelerating a new era of growth and innovation in this digital age of professional accountancy with a key aim of achieving a more efficient and less complex taxation system for everyone.

CTP-CPFA Canada serves as an examining body for our members and students, with the aim of upholding excellence in the field of public finance management and taxation. Our members are required to successfully pass rigorous examinations and assessments, along with demonstrating relevant work experience, in order to be recognized as "Chartered Tax Practitioner and Certified Public Finance Accountant" of Canada.

CTP, CPFA promotes Public Finance Management and Taxation and conducts relevant research to ensure a more efficient and less complex tax system for all, and public finance management continues to grow in reputation and influence. CTP, CPFA further supports its members and students worldwide by helping them to develop successful careers in taxation, public finance management and accountancy, with the skills required by employers through a network of Approved Employers who provide high standards of employee learning and development skills.

CTP, CPFA Canada has introduced major innovations to its flagship qualification to make sure its members and future students continue to be the foremost valued, up so far and sought-after accountancy professionals globally. Founded in 2016, CTP, CPFA Canada has consistently held unique core values: opportunity, diversity, innovation, integrity, and accountability.

We believe that a more efficient and less complex taxation system and public finance management accountancy is significant for economies to grow and prosper, which is why we work worldwide to create the profession and make society fairer and more transparent during the COVID-19 pandemic economic crisis.

Professional Accounting Organizations know and trust our CTP, CPFA designation. We're out there every day, connecting with large or small businesses, federal or provincial governments, educational establishments, and business critics. Because of this, we are able to create the most innovative, strategic-thinking tax and public finance management accountants our fast-changing world needs to avoid going into a global recession due to COVID-19 IMPACT. Our members, students, and executive management are on top of emerging trends, legislation and legal requirements, helping to re-shape the future business industries our fast-changing world needs.



CTP-CPFA's mission is to be a global leader in taxation and public finance management within private and public services both in Canada and around the globe. We achieve this by helping organizations, businesses, governments educational institutions and individuals: develop new technical competencies (e.g. tax, assurance, financial reporting) and enabling competencies (e.g. leadership, communication, decision-making), gaining deep technical knowledge, transferable skills which include everything from teamwork and communication through to ethics and discipline. new skills, access expert advice and set standards to deliver best practice worldwide.

CTP-CPFA Canada's mission and objectives are aligned with the mission and objectives of the IFAC. We have further adopted the IFAC’s International Education Guidelines and other internationally accepted accounting and auditing standards, and our institute is actively involved in developing and enhancing the accountancy profession in its jurisdiction through the promotion of continuing professional education, professional standards and ethics, practice monitoring, quality assurance, and international standards and best practices in taxation, public finance management practice, education, government service, industry, and commerce.



CTP-CPFA Canada has a "Governance Structure", whereby the Institute Council governs CTP-CPFA Canada. The Institute Council does so in the public interest within the terms of its Bylaws, and it is supported by CTP-CPFA Board and the Committee.



​The purpose of our organization is to educate proper management and governance of public funds for future economic stability and growth of our country because, in today's fast-paced world, it's really important to move with the times and that's what we help you to do.


We believe that lack of PFM and taxation knowledge and support leads to inflation and a rise in taxes, and by boosting PFM in our country, we can easily mobilize revenue, allocate public funds, undertake public spending, account for funds and audits by using efficient management of resources and exercising controls on spending to reduce the Canadian Government Debt Crisis, which is more than 2.1 trillion across Canada.


By using public money wisely can make a significant improvement to the well-being and security of our society, and we strive to strengthen the PFM and Taxation profession in the best possible shape to deliver advanced, effective, excellent and efficient public services for the citizens of Canada by providing leaders, managers and donors with a holistic model of measures and controls to promote wise spending, tackle fraud and corruption, ensure good governance and support economic growth and financial resilience under the Federal and Provincial Government Regulations Act for the prosperity of our country and for the advancement of our community.


We further believe that the accounting profession holds a significant position within our community as trusted advisers and the work of a professional body is not about becoming one of the world's largest national accounting bodies around the world, it is and it should always be about the prosperity of our country, adding values to our society, and assisting our country to  grow debt free. We need to forget our differences and learn to get along to tackle fraud and corruption, ensure good governance and support, economic growth and financial resilience for the prosperity of our country and for the sole benefit of our society, where "Canada Comes First".



CTP-CPFA Canada's primary purpose is to protect the public interest by ensuring our members and students meet the highest standards of integrity and expertise. We have built partnerships throughout our history to deliver CTP-CPFA professional qualification and certification worldwide and attract people who share our dreams, values and believe in our purpose. We help and support our members and  students in their professional qualification and development in a wide range of senior positions in taxation, public finance management accounting, small medium-sized businesses, not-for-profits, government, and academia.

As the governing national body of a self-regulating profession through our global network and joint partnership with national accountancy bodies, colleges, universities and international donor communities allow our members to work internationally. CTP-CPFA students and members are of exceptional ethical character who do the right thing not just because it’s paramount but because it’s also in their professional nature, good character and behaviour. We have earned trust and reputation in our profession and we ensure that our students and members meet our professional standards and embrace our code of conduct and ethics for the benefit of our community.


We are committed to our people and we are proud of our partnerships with community and charitable organizations as well. These partnerships reflect CTP-CPFA's professional commitment to protecting corporate social responsibility and the public interest for the benefit of our society.

CTP, CPFA members and students offer free community service world-wide for people with lower income and disabilities by providing Tax Preparation Assistance Programs where hundreds of CTP, CPFA   members and students volunteer to prepare tax returns for people with low incomes, free of charge.

Each year, CTP-CPFA Canada gives its employees and executive team members an opportunity to participate in a one-day volunteer engagement activity around the globe where they can give of their precious time with professional expertise to non-profit charitable organizations of their choice.



CTP-CPFA Canada’s strategic partnership enables us to connect with our members, students, government and the business community across the globe. These partnerships provide an opportunity to our valued members and students to bring our professional brand to life and be recognized as a trusted national body of professionals around the globe.



CTP, CPFA has consistently held a set of unique core values that still drives us today: opportunity, diversity, innovation, integrity, and accountability - giving CTP, CPFA its distinctive character and behaviour and defining our approach to worldwide professional behaviour.


We believe that Chartered Tax Practitioner and Certified Public Finance Accountants bring value to economies in all stages of development. We aim to develop high capacity in the profession and encourage the adoption of consistent global standards, good behaviors, culture, and tradition. They are reflected in the work we do, how we treat each other and how we represent ourselves in the public.

We act with integrity at all times, in all situations, strive for personal accountability in everything we do,  provide opportunity, free from artificial barriers, to people around the globe - whether our students, members or employees – and we support them in their careers for a lifetime.

We always strive for the highest levels of professionalism and we think and act cautiously with our members and students while protecting and advancing the public interest.

We act ethically and we always work in the public interest without any prejudice by treating people fairly and honestly and we encourage the same from others in this profession.

We respect and value differences by being open-minded and nimble as we adapt to an evolving environment within our professionalism.

We accept individual and corporate responsibility for our actions, align activities and efforts to focus on results and outcomes by working together to deliver quality services and to promote the best interest of our stakeholders by adopting a "one company" mindset while collaborating across functional lines.

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